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Different shows

We are used to adapt to any kind of situation or location and therefore are able to fit the show in a big variate of environments.

In general we offer 6 types of shows, those are listed below.

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A variety of shows

Festivals (click to see more)


Color your festival with ‘Amazing Soap Bubbles’ and astonish your visitors!

We suggest the following setups for your festival:
– Surprise performances during the festival and/or in between the changeovers of bands.
– Soap bubble special effects during concerts at sunset.
– Walk-In Workshops and Shows in the Kids Corner.

Gage: Invited by the festivals


Circus/Theatre (click to see more)


Include a wonderful ‘Soap Bubble Act’ into your circus shows or theater performances to amaze your audience.

We suggest the following setups for your event:
A performance either fitted in between a full show as a stand-alone act or in corporation with existing acts and artists.

Gage: depending on the duration and frequency we work out a fixed gage to fit our budgets.

Weddings (click to see more)


Let us provide the perfect and most original surprise when leaving the church and bring unique entertainment for you family, friends and guest.

We suggest the following setups for your wedding:
– Soap bubbles instead of rice when leaving the church.
– A bubble show for your guest while enjoying an appetizer or in between/after dinner.
– A workshop where families can enjoy the wonderful act of creating beautiful colorful soap bubbles.
– Kids Animation besides the adult program of a wedding.

Gage: Invited by the wedding planners.


Public Street Events (click to see more)

Public Street Events

Transform your street event into a venue where magic happens! Here the audience is part of the show and will be invited to play along and interact with the artist.

We suggest the following setups for your event:
– Ongoing shows on one or more locations during the event.
– We advice to advertise the shows in your program to generate the maximum interest and participation.

Gage: Partially fixed gage from the organizers, partially voluntary donations from the audience.


Corporate Gigs (click to see more)

Corporate Gigs

Invite your loyal workforce and treat them on a magical surprise they will remember!

We suggest the following setups for your corporate event with or without families:
– One or more Shows during your event.
– A Walk-in Bubble workshop for children and adults.
– A Team-building Workshop for employees.

Gage: Fixed gage on invitation by the company.


Birthday Parties/Baptising (click to see more)

Birthday Parties/Baptising

Are you looking for an unforgettable surprise for your young ones? Why not bring a show to the party where the ‘Bubble Artist’ presents a selection of his best tricks. After the show the birthday kid will receive a special gift (Giant Soap Bubble Set) and is invited together with his/her friends to become a bubble artist himself/herself in a playful workshop.

We suggest the following setup for your birthday party:
– A show of 30 minutes followed by a workshop of 1h in your garden, driveway or in a park nearby.

Gage: depending on day, time, number of participants and location a fixed gage will be agreed on.



These are the usual standards. Please contact us personally for special requests.

Interested in booking one of our shows? Go to our press page and download our ‘Technical Rider’ to see what we need to bring a show to your event.

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Bubblesforfun was founded in 2012 in order to spread happiness to the world.

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